Question by  Alex (23)

What causes green moss like feces?


Answer by  KatW (85)

It can be caused by harmless things like food or supplements. But also if food travels too quickly through your bowels than they will come out green b/c that's bile's color. lactose intolerance, bacterial infection, among other things causes food to move quickly thru the bowels.


Answer by  avalanchebad (164)

Usually green feces is caused by eating a lot of vegetables or other substances that are green. It's perfectly natural to have green feces occasionally. Basically, your feces will turn the color of whatever foods you consume, if you eat enough of said food.


Answer by  pancakequeen (127)

In humans, green furry like feces are generally the result of a bacterial infection. Sometimes the symptoms also occur after eating lost of leafy greens that some people cannot properly digest.


Answer by  KIndiraNarasimham (142)

This could very well be due to your diet such as eating green leafy vegetables. Iron supplements or even foods that are rich in iron can also give stool a green tinge.

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