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Question by  BiancaBliss (33)

What causes exploding light bulbs?

I have two bulbs explode recently in my bathroom.


Answer by  summeroeth (88)

A light bulb explodes because the pressure inside the bulb is much less than the pressure around the bulb. You need to check the fixture. It could be allowing moisture or is not heating properly.


Answer by  crazycampbells (56)

Most likely it is from moisture when you take a shower. I would try changing the fixture or cover them.


Answer by  nylightingdesigner (29)

If there is not enough ventilation in a light fixture, the bulbs inside can explode because they get too hot. The hot air will accumulate inside the fixture, causing the glass of the bulb to get hotter and hotter. With no air holes to let the heat escape, they burn out or sometimes explode.


Answer by  ericauci (12)

Light bulbs explodes due to the insulation of a light bulb. Either there is a leak from the actual fixture, or the bulb is not sealing correctly when screwed into a socket. The bulb heats up, attracts humidity which sneaks into the bulb via incorrect insulation. Cooling of thebulb raises the pressure of the bulb and it explodes.


Answer by  seshanranjhan (87)

Exploding bulbs are really dangerous. There are so many reasons. High voltage of electricity is one reason. Some other reasons are viz. loose connection of the bulb holders, touching water drops on the bulb which is heat, very old electrical set ups, switches are in loose conditions etc. for which we are responsible. sudden shocking and burns are the outcome.

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