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Question by  Pals (28)

What can you use as a replacement for shortening?

I have everything but the shortening. What else can I use?


Answer by  experimentalbaker (18)

A good replacement depends on the recipe you are making, but in general you want something that has the same general consistency as shortening. Butter, margarine, lard, and cream cheese are some examples of what you might use as a good shortening replacement. Any of these would work well in a cookie recipe, etc.


Answer by  Jo3355 (575)

You can use butter or a butter substitute. Try to find a substitute that has no trans fats, as they are the most healthy.


Answer by  Rosebud (334)

Among replacements for shortening is butter,margarine, oil or lard. They can be used individually or as a combination. In many health food recipes mayonnaise and applesauce are also used. The taste is not usually affected, those the texture is.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Usually when a recipe calls for shortening you can use vegetable oil. You should use half as much vegetable as the recipe calls for.

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