Question by  Natarajan (25)

What can you tell me about writing off a tutoring as a tax deduction?

I have to pay for tutoring for my children, can it be a tax deduction?


Answer by  Freddie12 (77)

While tutoring benefits the children, it won't benefit you come tax time. Educational deductions typically are tied to tuition and required fees from an accredited university or professional education program.


Answer by  shugaree (28)

If the tutoring is for a child with severe learning disabilities and the tutor is a specially trained teacher for those disabilities the fees are considered deductible medical expenses.


Answer by  cgroverla (516)

In general tutoring would not be a deductible expense. However, if tutoring is necessary to supplement instruction due to disability, it may be deductible as a medical expense. An example would be geometry instruction for a blind student, or speech instruction for a student with a speech impediment or deafness.


Answer by  mamapuppy (241)

If your child has a learning disability, yes, tutoring is tax deductible. Without a learning disability, nine states allow for tax deductions for tutoring and seven others are considering it.

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