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Question by  doodles1982 (21)

How should I go about repairing the cracks in my concrete driveway?


Answer by  Darry (3853)

First you need to clean the crack out completely of debris and dirt. Make sure to do this on a day that is dry and when no rain is expected. Fill the cracks with either concrete grout or caulk and let dry. Make sure you've formed a good seal.


Answer by  tashalc (46)

For small cracks, rinse the crack with water and brush away debris. Use mortar caulking and caulk gun. Fill in the crack and smooth excess mortar. For larger cracks, chisel at the bottom of crack to widen. Rinse with water and remove the debris. Mix enough concrete to fill crack. Fill crack and smooth excess mix. Cover for several days.


Answer by  LindaBrooks (25)

Pressure wash cracked area. Apply QuikCrete crack sealer available at hardware or building supply stores. Apply with caulking gun. QuikCrete is usually self-leveling, but the area can be trowled lightly. When the area is tacky, drag a stiff broom across it to match texture.


Answer by  brittany34 (26)

There are a few ways you can fix cracks in driveways. One way is to get dirt and pack it down good using a shovel or anything firm.

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