Question by  fannyloo (90)

What can you tell me about getting rid of sand spurs?


Answer by  pij42d (18)

The best way to eliminate sand spurs is by applying a pre-emergent weed treatment. If it is too late for that option, use MSMA or DMSA (but not on St. Augustine or Centipede grass). You can also hand pull, or drag a rough carpet to capture the sand spurs.


Answer by  LadyBertha (31)

Sand spurs cause problems for most people. The only sure way of eliminating them is by actually digging them up. If you use certain herbicides, it may damage the plants or grass around the spurs. Even when using Borax, you risk damaging plants and grass also.


Answer by  kissamedeadly (133)

The most popular method of getting rid of sand spurs is to use a borax mixture on the affected ground, but carefully as over use can render the soil in furtile. Sand spurs can also be irradicated by digging them up at the root, burning the weeded area with charcoal starter, and of course, by keeping your lawn well maintenance.

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