Question by  TheProfessor (26)

What can you tell me about cleaning a forced air heating system?

I need to clean my forced air heating system.


Answer by  handygranny (16)

Filters on forced air systems should be replace at least once a year. Remove the floor or wall vent covers and clean the duct work with your household vacuum. Clean the vent covers.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

This method of cleaning is very powerfull at a time land is produce a heat so winder season best of this material and cleaning to the all unwanted pices and produce good result.


Answer by  Anonymous

An hvac company that uses negative pressure vacuum with compressed air to agitate the dust. Make sure the company "touches" every square inch of supply and return. All the dust and debris will get pushed by rubber whips powered by compressed air to the vacuum hose.

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