Question by  mpelle (343)

What can you tell me about Asian lily bublets?

I may try to grow some.


Answer by  Vil (117)

Asian Lilies are perennials. It will bloom once during the season and then the blooms will fall off. Prune the stalks to the ground and the plants will bloom again.


Answer by  NvyWfy (37)

Asian lilies make beautiful additions to your garden. Find a spot that has good amount of light in the morning, they grow best in partial light. Do not plant them in shady spots. Plant them in the fall in holes 8-10 inches deep. They will grow naturally in the spring.


Answer by  XBabycakes27 (39)

Asian Lily bublets should be planted shallowly in with a 1/2 inch of soil over them. Use mulch; within a year a single leaf will appear. That will be replaced by a thin stem. They will flower on the third to fourth year.


Answer by  ShannonPhelan (51)

Plant the lilies in partial shade. Dig soil 10 inches deep; add bulb fertilizer into the existing soil. Cover the bulb with soil and water thoroughly. Asian lilies should be planted in spring or fall. Protect them from frost with a layer of mulch. Apply nitrogen-based fertilizer in spring.


Answer by  Yortyob (36)

Asian lily bulblets are the offshoots from a large lily bulb and are used for propagating the species. These smaller bulbs are not fully mature and it may be several years before they will actually bloom. The bloom should look just like the parent bulb's.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

This is one of flower and mixing of red and white colors and more beutifull. This type of garden can be design very easy.

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