Question by  cmart84726 (24)

What can you tell me about alligator lizards?

Are they lizards or alligators?


Answer by  aradosev (47)

Alligator lizards are lizards with a very short, stocky build. There are 67 different species of them throughout the world! Unlike many other lizards species, they shed their skin entirely in one piece.


Answer by  Loyola (378)

The alligator lizard is a lizard. Their grayish color, scales down their backs, triangular heads and thick, long tails create a resemblance to an alligator; hence the name. There are two species: the Northern and the Southern, inhabiting the western United States and British Columbia. Their length is approximately 10 inches, of which over half is their thick tail.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

Alligator lizards are a type of lizard. These are reptiles, just like all other types of lizard. In fact, alligators themselves also belong to the reptile family. Therefore alligators, lizards, and alligator lizards are all reptiles.


Answer by  Andy37 (60)

Alligator lizards are lizards nt alligator because unlike an alligator an alligator lizards tail can be easily broken off and will regenerate. Although when the tail regenerates it is usually not as perfect as the original

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