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Question by  DD (30)

What can you tell me a bout mesquite remedy?

I have heard mixed reviews on this product.


Answer by  best (54)

The reason for varying results is not following the instructions exactly. It is considered to be a excellant product but be very carefull to get it on every stem using downward cuts to the stems so that as much as possible remains in contact with the under bark. Miss a spot and it will resprout.


Answer by  swshee (88)

Mesquite remedy is one of the best herbicide. It kills at the root and helps control woody plants helping them to flourish without the use of this harsh chemicals.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

This is one of the more popular herbicide on the market. It works quite well killing at the root for the price you pay it is a good product overall.


Answer by  gauthamanm (64)

Mesquite remedy is used on the plant and trees it helps to kill all the root and helps to control all woody plants helping them to flourish the plant without using any chemical into it.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

Works best on big bushy trees, after around 2-3 growing seasons. If you start any earlier your tree will probably die.


Answer by  Almallela (108)

Well to be honest, it is a great remedy. It works just fine and plus, it is a highly effective product.


Answer by  jalisha29 (24)

Mesquite is used to treat eye conditions and open wounds. It is also used to treat digestive problems and it can be used as an antibiotic. The Mesquite bark can be used for bladder infection, measles or fever. The leaves make wonderful eyewashes to treat the red eye. Leaves also treat diarrhea, headaches, and painful gums.

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