Question by  Dolly (5)

What can I use to cure deep wrinkles?

Is Revitalift a good product?


Answer by  monkeyz (3150)

It's impossible to "cure" deep wrinkles. Making sure you hydrate the skin helps the plump out wrinkles, which are often associated with the dryness that comes with aging. L'oreal Revitalift has some good reviews from users who use it to treat fine lines and minor sagging. Deep wrinkles may see some effect, but may need professional care.


Answer by  DStone (817)

Anything that boosts the natural production of colligen in the body is good for the repair of wrinkles. My mom uses Revitalift and swears by it, though with products like that it's important to try them and see if they work for you. I'm sure if you wrote the website they could provide a coupon or sample.


Answer by  Spokeys (247)

Taking good care of your body will get rid of those wrinkles fast. Try avoiding caffeine products and stick to drinking 8 glasses of water a day. My cousin used Revitalift and said it helped her fine lines bit also.

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