Question by  grl1061 (86)

What are the benefits of deep water running?

My therapist has suggested that I start deep water running but did not explain why.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

Deep water running ( running in chest high water in a swimming pool ) has the benefit of exercising muscles all over your body with very low impact on your knees. The water resists you when you run. It will give you a good workout in different muscle areas.


Answer by  askanswer (349)

Deep water running is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise. Your therapist probably recommended it because it prevents the impact on your joints that you get from traditional running. The risk of injury is very low with deep water running, and it builds cardiovascular endurance as well as leg muscles. All you need is a pool with deep water!


Answer by  mesh (351)

Runnin is a good exercise no matter where you do it. With deep water running, you are getting the benefits of resistance that you wouldn't normally have in air. Going deeper in water increases overall pressure and makes the resistance greater yielding a better workout.


Answer by  RCishollywood (190)

It is alot less weight bearing then regular running so It is easyer on your joints and bones. The water gives off extra resistence and the chance of injury are very low.

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