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Question by  haris (11)

What can I give my dog for pain?


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

You can give a child size dose of aspirin to help relieve pain in your dog. Make certain its a childrens aspirin


Answer by  worker76 (773)

I would suggest an aspirin. it actually is okay to give a dog aspirin as long as it's a small amount and not often. once daily


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Take your dog to the vet. Your vet can then examine your dog and tell you what is wrong with it. He or she can write a perscription for him.


Answer by  cesarin (41)

I think you don't should give pain at your dog because it's really indefense animal and him need love and careful actions

posted by Anonymous
He/She is talking about her dog is in pain and what can she give it to cure it duh :P  add a comment
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