Question by  Matt (13)

What can I expect cost wise for my wedding rehearsal dinner and party?

I need to make sure I have budgeted for my wedding rehearsal properly.


Answer by  tracyann66 (27)

Obviously this depends on how many people will attend and where you will be holding the dinner. Once you have established the number of guests, decide on the maximum per head you can afford. Restaurants can give you an idea of cost per person for such an event.


Answer by  MAS (24)

The cost can vary depending on the location which should only include a round of drinks and dinner. Keeping it simple and not upstaging the reception will help you keep the budget in perspective. On average a sitdown dinner at a restaurant or banquet hall can run you from $7-$15 a plate. Remember low key means less stress.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

A wedding rehearsal dinner should run you on average $2000. 00, this will vary based on location and number of guest attending the event.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

It depends completely on how much you decide to spend and how many people are coming. People spend anything from $100 or so up to many, many thousands of dollars.

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