Question by  xanderharris (11)

What can I do to control june bugs around my home?


Answer by  cathy (39)

Here are some helpful ways to control the june bug population in your yard. A garlic spray is a natural and healthy concoction. Encourage birds by putting out bird seed and suet, they love to eat june bugs. Don't leave porch or backyard lights on, they attract these bugs and more.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have june bugs coming down my chimney. Plus around june time I can hear scratching noises in the fire place in the bedroom. Can they do any damage and do they sting ?

posted by Anonymous
I too have June bugs in my chimney. They arrived about four years ago and we've had them eversince. My chimney is sealed by a metal plate but they find their way through a small opening. I've got used to them now and they don't last that long thank goodness!  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

We have June Bugs in our chimney too, so annoying. All the advice I can find is to kill the grubs in the lawn, but I can't find any grubs!

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