Question by  debiup (25)

What can I do if my puppy pees in the heating vent?

What can i do about the puppy and the vent?


Answer by  worker9012 (37)

Oh My! I had this same problem.. very stinky for sure. I would for one cover the vent for a short time during training. Everytime you see your puppy go toawrds the vent make a loud noise. Pretty soon he will stop because he will hate the noise. Then you can open the vent back up and try again.


Answer by  moonpie (84)

First, be sure to clean the heating vent to remove the smell, otherwise he will return to the vent to pee again. Next, set him on a schedule for feedings in the morning & evening. Lastly, schedule regular trips to "The Potty" for him, wherever you prefer that be.


Answer by  worker719385 (69)

There are enzymatic pet urine cleaners. They take care of the smell, and smell pretty nice too. You could try dousing heater vent with one of those types of sprays.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You have to punsih the puppy to instuct it that this is not ok. Scruff him and say "no" firmly. This is not mean... its basically what its mother would do in the wild. With repetition the puppy will learn not to pee where you don't want it to. Animals need firm guidance.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

It's very important to clean as well as possible so the dog won't consider that the bathroom. As far as training - get the dog outside on an hourly basis.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

First, cover the vent or don't let the puppy in there! You need to train it (see any number of books); for the vent, run a rag on a hanger down it to clean.

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