Question by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

What can I do if my jade plant is leggy.

I want it to grow out, not up.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

You can prune back jade plants, they will take a long time to fill out, but they do respond well to being cut back. The amount that you cut back can be used as cutting to propagate new plants. Make sure that you are also fertilizing and watering your plant enough - this can stop it from getting leggy.


Answer by  laurah (110)

Jade plants can be pinched back to encourage new growth which will create a fuller, less leggy plant. Lack of sun will cause a Jade plant to become leggy.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

Generally, succulent plants like a Jade can be cut back to any extent so it can be cut back to the desired height. Removing the actively growing tips of a branch with cause lower portions of that branch to branch out themselves. Make cuts approximately 1/4" above a node (where a branch is present or where a leaf was).


Answer by  ferny (34)

Pinch or prune off the actively growing tips of the higher stems. The plant will then focus on branching out the lower parts of these stems.


Answer by  Sally38 (17)

Put your jade plant in a higher light environment. Reduce the fertilizer application if it has a high phosphorus level. Be patient, with some time your jade plant will be full and happy. They like to be pot bound or nearly so, do not transplant to larger vessel. You can prune it back, but only if it is really leggy.


Answer by  LavenderLady (23)

Simply pinch off the top set of leaves. If your plant is very leggy, you can cut the plant back further. It will form new branches.


Answer by  loveyards (23)

To make most plants bush out you need to cut them back. Be careful not to cut back more than half of your plant.


Answer by  Eilish (11)

Cut the top of the stem back to the leaf node. If the part you cut is long enough, place it in moist sand and try to root it.

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