Question by  dougd225 (58)

What can I do for pine trees damaged in a storm?


Answer by  xtremetree (306)

Pine trees that have been damaged in a storm dont require much care. Simply prune back to the trunk of the tree any and all broken limbs. If the tree has recieved major damage, it is best to have the tree removed. Pine trees can withstand some damage and will grow back broken limbs if properly pruned.


Answer by  Marie (778)

If your trees have been damaged, trim the broken branches off the tree. You may need to wait to see exactly which branches are viable. If the roots of the tree have been uncovered at all, recover them with soil from your garden and pack the dirt tightly.


Answer by  mushey (71)

First and foremost if a tree is severly leaning or poses an immediate danger,it should be removed.The best idea in with any tree is contact a local aborist or tree care specialist.Smaller trees should be evaluated too but pruning should be done.Topping any tree is almost always a very bad idea and looks worse.

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