Question by  KRajaraman (10)

What can I do for my cat who howls when I am not at home?

My neighbors are complaining!


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Maybe you should place the cat in a room so that it does not know when you are leaving and maybe that will help. Also, leave it some food, toys, and water to keep it busy.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

Try recording your voice so that it plays on a loop, give your kitty a soft piece of clothing to use for bedding and get a kitty video for entertainment.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

If your cat is in pain you should take him or her to the vet to be evaluated. If your cat has not been fixed and is a female then your cat may be in heat. If your cat is accustomed to being let out when he wants then you should install a kitty door.


Answer by  purrsnickitybarb (30)

You can try a product called Feliway. It comes in a plug-in dispenser like a night light. The smell it gives off is very calming for cats. There is also a Feliway liquid drops, but I don't find that as convenient. Spaying or neutering your cat also helps. Or you could get your cat a playmate.


Answer by  multikittymom (75)

You might want to consider getting it a companion. You can also try leaving on a TV or radio so that your home is not so quiet. Should your feline friend be rather young, you might want to try a wind-up clock that ticks loudly. The sound simulates the rhythm of heartbeats that are heard in the womb.


Answer by  barkley (951)

You could get another cat to keep him company or a scratching post and some toys to keep him occupied. Find out if noise distracts him, such as keeping the TV on.

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