Question by  Sacrina (32)

My alcoholic wife has started drinking again, how should I handle it?


Answer by  AnitaJay (107)

Contact the closest office of Al-Anon, an organization specifically designed to support families of alcoholics, and go to a meeting. The alcoholism is her life's problem, but your life is affected as well. You can't be of any assistance to her unless you help yourself first.


Answer by  hughie2004 (10)

I left my wife early this year, I went through hell trying to change her.I know now I never would have and have put myself and family 1st.its a very hard decision to make for your future.what would you tell your child to do if they were you?


Answer by  John (9008)

Dealing with a loved one who is fighting alcoholism or drug addiction is incredibly difficult. The most important thing that people can do who are in this situation is to get help for themselves. Contacting al-anon or another such support group is a vital step.

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