Question by  Paula (20)

What can I do about milky pond water?


Answer by  VintageGlory (93)

What kind of clay are ya using in your pond? I was told that fine particle clays like montmorillonite can cause that kind of milky water. Find out what kind you've been using and maybe try not using anymore for a little while and see if your water clears.

Reply by MusicalKate (109):
some of the treatments like blankenweed crystalline can make the phosphates and nitrates bind which is another cause outside of your clay idea  add a comment

Answer by  MaximillianG (116)

Your water filtration should be getting rid of the milky water in the your pond. Try using a sand pressure filter. It will catch ultra fine particles and may be very effective in solving your problem. Without having more information on your problem I can only take a best guess.


Answer by  AnnaS (123)

Experts recommend water quality testing to determine if ammonia and other pollutants have accumulated. You can purchase a water quality testing kit or call a company that specializes in this type of testing. This is the most common cause of milky pond water so it is best to start here.

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