Question by  carol35 (47)

How much water does a lantana plant need?

I have a new lantana plant and am afraid I have over watered it.


Answer by  idrish (39)

A lantana plant needs very little water. It can exist without water for about one week. The lantana plant makes your courtyard beautiful. It gives you necessary shade also. If you watered it unnecessarily, you don t worry. If it is a sunny day, it will overcome. thanks

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So if I overwatered it will survive after a few days of sunny sun ?!  add a comment

Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The plant prefers to be moist and well drained. Do not allow the roots to become waterlogged. Do be aware that all parts of the Lantana are poisonous, the berries are toxic and the leaves can cause skin irritation.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

This is a great plant for any drought type area. Lantana's love it the drier, the hotter the better. Fertilizing for this plant is a no-no, it will inhibit the flowering as well. If this plant is paired with others in a pot, make sure the co-plants have the same watering requirements.


Answer by  lanta (61)

about a liter of water for the whole day. 2 glasses amount of water in the morning and another 2 glasses of water in the afternoon

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