Question by  Glw (22)

What can I do about it if my faucet is hard to turn on?


Answer by  clg (44)

Remove the handle and expose the parts. Next find the seats and springs, and apply a coat of plumbers grease around them. Some single handle faucets have a ball assembly, that also needs a coat. Or common two handle faucets with stem assemblies, needs a coat around the bronze stem.


Answer by  Cjc (299)

You could try replacing the valve stem or replacing the washer inside of the faucet, or in the worst case just purchase a new faucet. Remember to turn off the water before attempting any work on the faucet or else you'll end up with water spraying all over the room.


Answer by  shanelecroy (30)

You will need to replace the washers inside the stem of the handle in question. You will need to get the brand name of the faucet and look in the repair section of your local hardware store. Make sure that before you start replacement of the washers you turn of the water to the faucet.


Answer by  chespa (82)

Foucets can be hard to turn on because one might live in an area with hard water. One can obtain a water softner to help fix this problem.


Answer by  Rashy (44)

Well if its hard to turn on something maybe wrong with the screwing mechanism. You could try turning it harder with a pliers or if you can disassemble the faucet and clean it, that could work. It might possibly need lubrication as well. Otherwise you might need to get a plumber to look at it or just change the faucet.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well if it is hard to turn on, that clearly indicates some kind of problem. You need to readjust your faucet screws from underneath.

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