Question by  trouble (66)

What can I do about bugs in the basement?

They are all over the basement and I can't seem to get rid of them.


Answer by  dalton (17)

It depends on the bugs. Definitely call an exterminator. For one or two hundred dollars, he or she will be able to spray your basement for the bugs that are present. While the inspector is there, ask them about the source of the bugs. The technician may be able to help you with the source.


Answer by  Ryan18 (30)

The best way to get rid of bug in your basement is very easy. Dont go down to your basement. Go to your kitchen, pick up the phone and call the exterminator


Answer by  sammyrags (82)

Fogging may be the best answer. In basements bugs will live where you can't see them. Fogging will get to tthe places where they live.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

It really depends on the type of bugs that you have, but regardless, I would hire an exterminator, as they can solve any problem.

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