Question by  Kirstie (31)

What can be done about extreme endometriosis?


Answer by  wyeth (435)

Treatment can be medical using drugs including hormones or surgical.Choice of treatment is determined by the need to maintain reproductive potential or not,and whether preservation of ovarian function is desired.The most effective treatment is removal of all the abnormal endometrial tissue but this could mean extensive surgery possibly including removal of ovaries and uterus and even parts of other organs.


Answer by  winnieslo (132)

The conservative initial treatments include hormone therapy and NSAIDS for pain relief. If there is excessive menstrual bleeding a d&c may be helpful. If pregnancy is not desired surigal removal of the uterus and ovaries will relieve the symptoms, but a surgical menopause will occur.


Answer by  Natalie14 (230)

When medical treatments have not worked, surgical treatment can be effective. A complete hysterectomy can be performed or a conservative surgery can be performed sparing the ovaries and uterus. This surgery is usually performed using laparoscopy. It is estimated that pain medications may still be needed for up to forty percent of women after the surgery.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Taking birth control pills can reduce symptoms. Ablation of the uterine lining, basically burning it away, reduces the tissue that causes endometriosis, but this can cause infertility. A hysterectomy can cure it, but this is surgery and prevents ever having children.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

First medications will be tried such as birth control pills. If that doesn't work the doctor will cut the material away. In very extreme cases a hysterectomy is usually done. Many times after the tissue has been cut away it will grow back. If children are desired the doctor will try to work with that.


Answer by  bullet02 (172)

Endometriosis is commonly treated with pain relievers and oral contraceptives but in severe cases of endometriosis radical surgery is mandatory. Radical surgey is the removal of ovaries and uterus. With this kind of surgery the woman usually losses the capabilty of reproduction, thus hormone replacement therapy is advised postoperatively.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

If treatment with medication has not been successful, surgery is an option. The build up can be cut away, but there is a chance that it will grow back. A hysterectomy can be performed, but some women will still need pain medication because symptoms persist.


Answer by  thom0045 (350)

Women who suffer from extreme endometriosis may need to get their reproductive organs as well as any other affected organs removed to have relief.

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