Question by  DDavis (8)

What aspects are unique to Latino dating?

Are there cultural things you should be aware of?


Answer by  abrazo (175)

In most Latino cultures, when young people begin to date, they usually go out in groups rather than as couples. A typical couple will not go out alone until the relationship is quite serious, usually almost to the point of engagement/marriage. Often times, an older sibling may also accompany his/her sister on a date to make sure she is safe.


Answer by  Lornah (282)

Latinas are the most romantic people to date. This is evident in the way they talk, the names they give to their lovers and how they resolve relationship disputes.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

There is nothing very unique to Latino dating. It would be practically the same as dating with another race. Dating is going out to a movie, or dinner, or to do some activity together to get to know the other person better and to see if you are compatible. Latino dating is no different


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

Latino dating is not particularly unique compared to dating people of any other culture. Things are based on the individual. Just because someone is Latino you should not have a predetermined idea of what it will be like to date them.

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