Question by  mandy1975 (17)

What are typical plumbing problems associated with well water?

I have the option to purchase a home that is run on well water and would like to know what I need to look for.


Answer by  georgekutty (173)

If you purchase a home that is run on well water, to connect a pumb run on electricity it have a section pipe and a delivery pipe. The delivery pipe connected to the tank and other small line from delivery pipe to kitchen for fresh water.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Wells can be shallow or deep and have the characters of the underground streams that they come from. Because they are underground they can have radon bubbles in the water itself, if the stream is contaminated with bacteria or with minerals and other components this will show up in the water in your tap.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Remember if you are going to have well water in your new home it is not treated or taken care of by your city. You will have to pay to treat you water and make sure all the plumbing is safe and up to code. Have your well inspected prior to purchasing you home to ensure it is working well.

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