Question by  chuck (8)

What are the various golf iron degrees?

I am trying to learn about golf.


Answer by  Joe2533 (205)

Loft angles can vary by manufacturer, but a pretty standard set is as follows: 3-Iron- 22 degrees, 4-Iron- 25 degrees, 5-Iron- 28 degrees, 6-Iron- 31 degrees, 7-Iron- 34 degrees, 8-Iron- 37 degrees, 9-Iron- 41 degrees, Pitching Wedge- 46 to 48 degrees, Sand Wedge- 56 degrees, Gap Wedge- 58 degrees and Lob Wedge- 60 degrees.


Answer by  Anonymous

Play a shot with a low angle and the ball will have a low trajectory; this is called punching, it normally travels further. If you play a shot with a high angle (lofting), then it will have a high trajectory and not travel as far.


Answer by  worker426983 (18)

Golf iron degrees range from 7 to 52. The lower the degree, the lower the number. The higher the degree, the higher the number. This generally means the ball with fly further. For higher numbers, the ball will fly higher due to the increased angle degree and will fly shorter.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The degrees on a golf club equal the angle of the club face. The higher the number the flatter the club face and the higher the shot trajectory.


Answer by  Squeaks289 (273)

The various degrees vary by club manufacturer and actual clubs in your bag. They'll start around twenty two to twenty four and most pitching wedges are around 48 degrees. Sand wedges and lob wedges can have degrees between 54 and 64 degrees.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The driver can be 9 - 12 degrees. The lob wedge can be 60 degrees. All the other clubs range in between the two extremes with regular differences in degrees.

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