Question by  zenithzenish (98)

What are the symptoms of retained placenta after birth?


Answer by  pinoot1976 (267)

Most of the time you would present as postpartum bleeding, as these are usually torrential and may be fatal if not identified. More subtle presentation could be persistent foul smeeling postnatal discharge or even overwhelming systemis infection. It is strongly advised to see an obstetrician for assessment.


Answer by  rosieposey78 (1304)

If after giving birth, a patient may experience a fever, heavy bleeding for 10 days, discharge that is smelly, and any chunks that come out that might look like liver.


Answer by  Aubrey (356)

You may experience vaginal bleeding large amounts of bright red blood. You can even experience a persistent small bleed. You body can also go into shock, so it's very important you call your doctor right away to go in and get checked out.


Answer by  worker6333 (65)

You can get a very bad infection. You can get everything from severe pain in the abdomen to fever and chills. The abdomen may also swell. You may get a strange discharge or lumps if it is trying to come out on it's own. All the symptoms an infection would cause.

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