Question by  pinky (45)

What are some nursing interventions for placenta previa?

I need to understand placenta previa.


Answer by  chenningsgaard (54)

Placenta previa is the placenta is touching or covers the cervix. Most doctors are not overly concerned about this until the 3rd trimester and will monitor with ultrasounds.


Answer by  thehappydoula (51)

A diagnosis of placenta previa means your placenta is attached over the cervix. It is often a cause of bright red bleeding. Because the placenta is blocking the baby from entering the birth canal, the baby will most likely need to be delivered by Cesarean section.


Answer by  njeri (142)

This is a condition in which the placenta lies on the lower side of the uterus.some of the interventions are reduced workload and delivery by c section.

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