Question by  Taddytat (16)

What are the symptoms of mono?

I think my son may have mono.


Answer by  becky35 (108)

Some typical symptoms of Mono are fever between 101 to 104, sore throat, head or body aches, lack of energy and appetite. You can also have pain in the upper left part of the stomach. All the symptoms get gradually better in a week or two. Mono can cause your spleen to also swell.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

Symptoms are often similar to those of the flu, such as fever, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches, runny nose, etc. The only way to get a sure diagnosis is to go to your doctor to have your son get his blood tested.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

First signs of mono are fatigue, feeling sick, and possibly having no appetite. In two or three days a very, very sore throat usually develops and can be accompanied by fever and continuing fatigue. At this point you may notice very painful and swollen glands in the neck. The sore throat will probably cause you to seek medical help.


Answer by  cindy1645 (128)

Mono is usually recognized by severe fatigue that just doesn't go away like normal tiredness. Mono symptoms seem to linger on until treated. Your doctor can diagnose mono by simple blood tests. He can then treat your son with medication. Mono requires lots of rest to give your body the break it needs to heal.

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