Question by  DannyBatt (75)

What are the survival rates of esophageal cancer?

It's stage 2.


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

The survival rate ranges from 27-38%, depending on the TMN score and whether it's stage 2A or 2B. Treatment of cancer largely involves chemotherapy and maybe radiation therapy. Any surgery done would be for palliative care.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Oh my Lord, my husband had this!Survival rate for stage 2,will be great.Have surgery and some treatments, and learn that you will have to eat often in small amounts.Keep your doctor appointments, and get plenty of rest and you will have a speedy recovery.Also make sure you stay well and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air.


Answer by  ClipperMD (33)

Throughout treatment the five year survival rate of esophageal cancer is 34% and decreases throughout. Upon reaching stage 2 esophageal cancer the patient has a five year survival rate of only 17 percent.

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