Question by  jacko669 (1)

What are the small flying bugs in my closet?

I don't see any in the bed.


Answer by  malone (4817)

My guess is that they are moths, some of which will eat wool clothing. Examine your clothing for larvae, which will be encased in a white, sticky cocoon. Look in the corners and where the floor meets the wall. Check the kitchen cabinets, too. They might be meal moths.


Answer by  Bogdan90 (7)

They are called moths. They are an insect . They are usually found in closets because they feed on natural fibers such as cotton or silk and will never feed on synthetic fibers. They are repelled by mothballs or natural scents like lavender.


Answer by  seanaumuller (14)

The small bugs flying in your closet may be moths. Try buying some moth balls to keep them away from your clothes. If you begin to notice small holes in your clothes that are kept in the closet it means the moths have began to feast on them already. You can buy mothballs at most convience stoeres and supermarkets.


Answer by  mbc123 (80)

Many bugs like dark places, many times they will scatter in the light or you just cannot see them in the day time.I would have an exterminator come in and find out what types of bugs these are, many times moths are found in clothing, try getting a moth ball and put them in an around your closet.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

It's hard to tell without more of a description of the bugs. It's likely that they are small flies, gnats or moths. Bed bugs can't fly, so no worries there.


Answer by  ladyinred (0)

What is a silver, gray flying insect that looks powdery in my closet that eats perfect round whole in my clothes

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