Question by  Murasaki (21)

What are the rules on foot faults in tennis?


Answer by  sleepyjey (248)

The server must completely remain behind the marked baseline throughout the service - from the moment the ball is tossed to the time the ball is struck. If the foot or any part of the body comes in front of this line at this time it is a Foot Fault.


Answer by  enlightened (206)

The rule has 2 components officially. 1. The server should not walk, run or change position once the serve has begun. 2. Until the time the ball is struck no part of the body should touch the ground inside the baseline or the wrong side of the center mark.

Reply by theblip (295):
Someone should tell this to Serena Williams!  add a comment
Reply by notanexpert (199):
@theblip: there is actually a specific addendum to this rule stating that at no time will a foot fault violation be overlooked or overruled - however vital the point is. WRT Serena, the media harped on whether it was a foot fault and her behaviour!  add a comment
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