Question by  nandakumar (6)

What are the pros and cons of public vs private school?

Our child is 3 but we need to start thinking about first grade.


Answer by  mturkuser (216)

I personally have been in both public and private schools from prekindergarten to high school and can tell you that they are about the same.Private schools are typically much smaller and offer more one on one interaction but suffer a lack of diversity in comparison. Uniforms are also a factor.


Answer by  Blossom (18)

For the early years, I would look into private school if you can possibly afford it. Many public schools are overcrowded, and your child may be thrust into situations he is not ready for. You'll have more control over his environment in a private school setting.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

In the elementary years private and public schools are both good in most areas, although private schools are thought to have a better education. Private school systems often have more money available to provide a better learning experience for children.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

Private schools are incredibly expensive, where public schools are virtually free. Depending on the area, public schools are typically shorter on teachers and more crowded. Private schools allow more one-on-one time, but are typically very strict; While they promote music and certain art, they limit creative outlets in many ways.

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