Question by  swati (35)

How do you obtain school vouchers so that your children can attend private school?

My childrens needs are not being met in the public school system, as a result I need information on vouchers.


Answer by  Terri (229)

It depends what state you live in. I teach in Ohio at a charter school, which is a great alternative to the public school system. If your state has charter schools, all you need to do is find one, go visit, and enroll. You do not need a voucher to enroll in a charter school.


Answer by  jessyjuan (290)

Your best recource will be your local school board website. I had the same problem and after performing a search I found that charter schools where a better fit for our family. I didn't have to do the voucher. Depending on your location, you may be able to find this information on the state's government site as well.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

Check with your city hall or county courthouse for information on local vouvcher programs, if any, in your area. Also, check with your state education agency for a list of local accredited schools. Your state may have private charter schools that your child can attend free of cost.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

If your children are special needs, you can file a special education plan that includes the school district helping pay for private school. Otherwise, contact private schools for scholarships.

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