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Question by  Franca (15)

What are the proper instructions for caring for a peace lily?

I was recently given a peace lily and have no idea how to care for it.


Answer by  babalu (177)

Use normal potting mix and a plastic pot. Keep your plant slightly damp at all times in a spot that gets indirect light.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Keep your plant in a window that has filtered sunlight.It requires humidity, and frequent misting is recommended, as is keeping the plant setting on a pebbled tray. Red spider mites love them and misting helps keep the spiders away. Let dry between waterings, being careful they don't wilt.


Answer by  nandhu (104)

Direct sunlight can damage peace lily's foliage. If the leaves of plant begin to yellow, it means that it is receiving too much sunlight. It also loves high humidity.

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