Question by  joe16 (32)

How can I re-bloom a peace lily?


Answer by  jsteiny03 (346)

Tips for blooming a peace lily are" switch it's location, you can also play with light levels, you can repot (try this last) and NEVER change your watering habits.


Answer by  kumar14 (12)

You can re-plant the lily bulbs that is called recycle cultivation method. In my practical experience in my garden now I am cultivating Asiatic lily and Oriental lily flowers through second cycle bulbs. The result is very good stems and minimum three buds per stem for white flowers and single buds for other colour stems.


Answer by  Robin55 (84)

Remove flowers once they have dies,plant in a sunny spot the same depth as the pot and cover with mulch. Remove mulch on spring and fertilize.


Answer by  xomoney (104)

•Wait until all the flowers have withered and been removed from the plant. Keep the plant watered and in indirect sunlight until it is ready to go outside. •Wait until all danger of frost has passed and find a sunny, well draining spot in your garden. •Amend the soil with some organic matter

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