Question by  avak (19)

What are the planting instructions for a Mountain Laurel?

I need to plant a mountain laurel.


Answer by  subash (67)

you'll get more flowers if you plant mountain laurels where they'll get a bit (but just a bit) of sun. Your soil should be moist but well-drained. Adding peat moss, humus and sand before planting is a step in the right direction


Answer by  KateEidson (33)

Choose a moist, well drained area with acid soil in sun/part shade. Dig the hole twice the size of root ball. Add organic matter. Place shrub in hole so that the top of the rootball is level or slightly higher than ground level. Backfill. Keep moist. Enjoy!


Answer by  ShannonPhelan (51)

Laurels prefer well-drained, acidic soil and partial shade. Plant the root ball at ground level and mix compost into the hole. Water thoroughly, and fertilize them in early spring.


Answer by  dee68 (244)

Mountain Laurel Plants enjoy moist, slightly acidic PH soil. Dig a hole deep enough to bury the roots, but DO NOT bury the "crown" (area where the trunk meets the roots).

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