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Question by  Chem (41)

What are the long term effects of smoking?

I want to know what smoking does to your health, voice and skin.


Answer by  Anonymous

Tar clogs the tiny openings in the lungs that fill your blood with oxygen, and carcinogens in smoke cause DNA damage to lung cells so they copy themselves incorrectly in the future (into cancers). Teeth yellow, skin becomes thin/discolored, sense of taste is cut by up to 90%.


Answer by  Josh98 (19)

Smoking causes tar build up in your lungs, which can lead to lung cancer. It can make your voice dry and raspy, and makes you skin smell.


Answer by  lucky (154)

Your organs will start to shut down do to the lack of oxygen in your blood. My mother eyes were affected she almost blind. You can get lung cancer, smokers cough, respiratory disease, stroke, heart disease and emphysema.


Answer by  Airborne (20)

It greatly increases your chances of all types of cancer, not just of the lungs. It contributes to heart disease and high blood pressure. If you don't care about your health, smoking can also ruin your looks. It ages your skin by decreasing collagen and increasing wrinkles around the mouth. Over time, it will also make your voice hoarse.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The long term effects of smoking are all bad. It causes problems throughout the entire body. As well as the respiratory system. It can lead to diseases such as lung cancer or emphazema as well as lack of oxygen in the blood that feeds your brain and body. All effects of smoking are long term even if you quit today

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