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Question by  nanook (605)

What are the laws related to bill collecting calls?

I have a bill collector that is harassing me at home and work, is that legal?


Answer by  malone (4817)

The laws are CLEARLY spelled out in the Fair Debt Collection Act, a copy of which you can easily find online. A few states allow a verbal request to stop calls; others require written notice. Review the law as to what constitutes "harassment." Most people are confused about that.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Review the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for details of the rules that collectors must abide. A collector can phone any day of the week between 9:00 a. m. and 9:00 p. m. They can call work ONE TIME if you say "do not call me here again. " You can also send a registered letter stating that they cannot call your home.

Reply by malone (4817):
Outstanding answer. A few states allow for verbal request to stop calling; most do require written requests and then have 30 days to comply.  add a comment

Answer by  Mitchell (74)

It is legal for bill collectors to call a few times a day but when the calls are constant through the day it becomes harassment and is illegal.

Reply by malone (4817):
They can only SPEAK to the debtor ONCE every three days. "Harassment" is a complication legal definition, difficult to prove and confusing to most everyone. Being annoyed is not being "harassed."  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

correction to patti26692, FDPCA allows collectors to call 8:00 am - 9:00 pm any day of the week, week-end, or holiday.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

Bill collectors can call you typically up to five times per day and are allowed to call your place of employment. However, if you submit in writing that you do not wish to be contacted by phone at either place, they must stop calling.

Reply by malone (4817):
They can ring your number several times a day, but can only SPEAK to you once every 3 days. They can call work until you TELL them to stop. Written requests are required in most states to stop calls to the home.  add a comment
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