Question by  Seodanrot (12)

What are the gold jewelry makers marks?


Answer by  eric79 (6)

The gold jewelery maker's marks are also known as hallmark.They are official marks struck on items made of precious metals.They represent the brand name but not the quality.


Answer by  333221 (74)

A jewelry Maker's mark is simply the brand name which the company uses. Catagorized to ensure true antique Authenticity. It does not express the quality of the gold jewelry.


Answer by  Bizybee (134)

These are the initials or symbols of the manufacturing firm or artist found on the back of the piece to help collectors identify its maker.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Maker's marks are used to confirm gold content and workmanship, and are most often registered with the local government, like any trademark would be. It's a signature.

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