Question by  VeronicaRenee (14)

For U10 teams, is the soccer formation 7 x 7 appropriate?

I just started coaching a U10 team and I don't know a lot.


Answer by  ecimir (89)

Soccer team counts 10 players plus goalkeeper, but teams can be reduced of course. We used to play 6 against 6 in the school on the smaller field.


Answer by  Peraa (14)

7x7 in U10 soccer is good because kids that age dosent have the strenght and cardio to run fast and long like in 11x11 soccerfields. Playing 7x7 soccer is fun there isnĀ“t many rules like in 11x11 soccer and thats the best I meen 10 year olds dont understand all rules and thats why they play 7x7 soccer.


Answer by  codyjm (17)

If they are playing on smaller than normal fields this is a good formation, but if its a normal field and the players are skilled then use a 11x11 formation.


Answer by  rconroy20 (87)

Yes, I think when you are working with kids that young, 7 x 7 is a great formation you use.

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