Question by  Michele85 (188)

What are some good problem solving games?

I need some games for my young children to help them learn to solve problems.


Answer by  stephenk2010 (293)

Some problem solving games suitable for children are basically related to math, science, strategy and mystery. Some others are brain teaser word problems, and puzzles involving hidden objects. If you have access to the internet you might like to try a web site called The Problem Site.


Answer by  dcasst2002 (31)

Here are some good problem solving games Sudoku, Matching Games, Word Search, Tinker Toys, Lego Blocks, Riddles, Brain Teasers, Crossword Puzzles, Logic Puzzles, Arrange Items in Sequential Order. Also any types of different colors of blocks and different shapes of blocks that can be arranged in different categories will work.


Answer by  Syron (79)

Jigsaw puzzles help a lot. It helps the child to coordinate other sections together and in the long run, when a child is encouraged and becoming good a jigsaws in his infancy, as he grows up they feel like they can restore any scattered areas of their lives to form a much organized clear picture.


Answer by  Vogin (108)

For my part, I can only recommend Starcraft:Broodwar. It is an incredibly complex and hard Real Time Strategy, which improves reflexes, decision making and multitasking. Also Mathematics serves very well in teaching the youth basics of logics and deduction.

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