Question by  matt25 (24)

What are the different types of pasta sauce?

I'm tired of marinara.


Answer by  Nick25 (24)

Different types of pasta sauce include things related to marinara including a sausage and onion flavor, tomato basil and garlic, three cheese, and a vegetable combination. Other types of sauces are a green pesto sauce as well as fettuccine alfredo sauce. All of these sauces provide a different flavor from traditional marinara.


Answer by  jingles (142)

There are many types of pasta sauces in your super market aisle. The basil sauce is very good and so is the three cheese.


Answer by  Satie (85)

The first pasta sauce I can think of is "puttanesca." This has a tomato base like marinara, but includes a briny olive like kalamata, and perhaps a little red pepper flake for spice. Another option would be the classic alfredo sauce, which is made with a flour/cream base, melting in a bit of cheese at the end.

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