Question by  finette (157)

What are the different kinds of rodents in the world?

I want to know the different kinds of rodents.


Answer by  silverkatcreationsyahoocom (324)

There are 1,500 rodent species worldwide. Most non flying mamals are rodents. Including: guinna pigs, rats, mice, chinchellas, capybara, squirrels, beavers, porcupines, muskrats, lemmings, voles, lemmings, marmots.


Answer by  goldiego (16)

There are numerous odents ranging from: mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, skunks, guinea pigs, moles, hamsters, and many many others. They range from domestic pets to wild animals.


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

There are many types of rodents. Dependent on what region you are located is the types of rodents around you. The types that affect the home are mice, rats, moles, gophers, beavers (in wet, woodland areas), mongoose, muskrats and even raccoons. These few kinds of pests are more dangerous to your home than to you and your family.

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