Question by  trackstar (24)

What are the dangers of microwave radiation?


Answer by  ahmed77 (44)

Exposure to very high levels of microwave radiation may lead to absorption of a quantity of energy to the body , which in turn may lead to damage to the eye or brain. The people who work in this field have exhibited headaches, pain in the eye and the inability to sleep .


Answer by  Penny59 (41)

There is no real danger in the use of household microwave ovens in terms of radiation. It is advised not to stand directly in front of one when it is on, but they have been safely in use in households for many years.


Answer by  lule (166)

Radiation (microwaves) emitted from source in a microwave oven are confined in the oven by isolation material from which the oven is made of. Produced radiation is non-ionizing, simply because it has too low energy, so it can not cause cancer. The only danger microwave can produce are burns (same effect it has on food you put in to).

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