Question by  JLeG (15)

What are the common car engine problems?


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

Leaks are the most common. Gaskets get brittle from age and hot/cold cycles. Hoses become stiff and crack or wear on brackets until they leak. Regular use wears down the ignition and fuel systems. Filters clog and belts need replacement every so often.


Answer by  pilotman (158)

One of the most common car engine problem is having a sensor problem. I have had a lot of mass air sensor problems, which causes problems. Another problem is overheating. For one reason or another, the engine could overheat, which is a huge problem. Detonation is a problem, where gas explodes and creates a hole in the cylinder.


Answer by  PuterGuru (256)

With electronic engines you will see alot of cam sensor issues, throttle position sensor issues, idle air controller sensor issues and oxygen sensor issues. Thes are the most common engine problems. Engines blowing head gaskets are also one of the more common especially if the engine has been run hot.


Answer by  123wii (11)

The common car engine problems are Cylinder not getting compression. Usually because a seal is worn out not Keeping the air pressure in cylinder. Cracked engine block is another.

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