Question by  darla (94)

What are the best times to sell on eBay?

I want to use good marketing practices.


Answer by  JRae (128)

The best time to sell on eBay is during the holidays - Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Buyers are willing to spend more and have a limited time in which to buy items. As far as time of day, the best time to end your auctions is late evening, when most people will be home.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Friday through Sunday are the best days to sell on eBay, however the best times to sell on eBay are the evenings due to more interested viewers at these times.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

From my experience of selling on eBay for several years, I've found that time does not matter much. What matters is that you are selling what people want. However, you do need to concider some seasonal items do sell better (e.g. ski accessories - winter, boating gear - summer).


Answer by  GentritNuhiu (6)

The best days to sell gift cards on eBay are those when people start shopping for major holidays. This includes Thanksgiving weekend, the week before Christmas, the week before Mother's Day and Father's Day. "Black Friday", the Friday after Thanksgiving,is the best sales day of all of these ideal dates


Answer by  randiegrl (110)

I have found that selling on Ebay is usually the best around Christmas time. The months of October through December have been the best for me to sell my items. It's usually people looking to buy gifts for cheaper than in the stores.


Answer by  James20 (91)

The most busy time on ebay is around christmas time. People would buy presents for their friends and family. A good marketing strategy is to sell around that time of the year.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

I wish I could give you a better answer, but it completely depends on what you are selling. Christmas ornaments and other decorations do best around Thanksgiving, breezy books in the summer months, and so on.


Answer by  jon6 (488)

I've found that the best thing to do is to make sure that your auction ends on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Lot of people are around.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

The best times are close to holidays, such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and of course Christmas. It really depends on what you're selling, though.

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