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Question by  JD26 (17)

What are the best rapper tattoos of all time?

I think rappers have cool tattoos.


Answer by  therealdeal03 (5)

TOP is Eminem's Proof Tattoo on his forearm 2. 50's Back 3. Lil Wayne's Fear god on his eyelids!


Answer by  MikeyRickets98 (5)

Have you seen anything on Fifty Cents? His are very cool and hardcore, if you go for the jailhouse tattoo type. But I would counter that rappers tattoos are not nearly as cool as the ones you will find on heavy metal band members - especially the guitarists. Check out Motely Crue and I rest my case.


Answer by  carmeniee (68)

Eminem has a tattoo of his daughter Hailey. Ja Rule has Love is Pain on his chest. Lil wayne has a teardrop on his face. 50cent has his back covered.


Answer by  spookythemartian (75)

I think that tupac's thug life tattoo across his stomach is real cool, lil wayne has a tattoo of a alien on his upper shoulder


Answer by  brooklyn (374)

By far I think the best tattoos of a rapper goes to 50 Cent. His, although numerous, are very well place and all in black so they are simple. No clashing or colors or themes. In my opinion very well done and thought out.

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